The Student Council at AJA

Here at Al Jazeera Academy we place great importance on listening to our students. Our mission and vision are, after all, geared up to supporting our students to be the future leaders  of tomorrow.

An important part of that process is our Student Council of which we have 2, one for the girls and one for the boys. It is through participation with the student council that our student leaders develop their skills and confidence to be such future leaders.

At the beginning of semester 1 each tutor group elects a student council representative who serves for the whole year. We meet roughly every 2 weeks and discuss a wide range of issues affecting our school and the welfare of the students. The student representatives are seen as the leaders of our student community and listen to and represent the views of their tutor groups.

Whilst we deal with general day to day issues in our regular discussions, we have this year focused on the successful creation of our new classroom code of conduct, created by the students themselves. This code of conduct is now on display in all our secondary classrooms. Additionally, we work to resolve issues around all area’s e.g. all the student council representatives took part in tasting sessions as part of the process of awarding a new catering contract. We are all hopeful of improving the dining experience for our students next year. We also work on new ideas to improve the school environment with a particular focus on improving the student lockers.

This year has seen some tangible successes for our student council which has been entirely down to the hard work and commitment of our student leaders. 

Marcus Hamlin

Deputy Head teacher (Pastoral)

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